monday, august 10, 2020

Well hello there and welcome to MY COMMITMENTS.


I, like you, am constantly changing and evolving to live in greater alignment with what I value most in this world. As I continue to grow and expand, so does my business.


My pledge to you is that this list of commitments is not static but rather a working document that serves as a measure of accountability in order to create change.


I’ll continue to revisit this list of actions on a regular basis to add, edit and remove pieces for greater impact - because as the great Maya Angelou said - “when you know better, you do better.”


Much love,



​I BELIEVE ...   

  • We are deeply connected to each other, this planet and every living thing on it. We’re all one. Our liberation, health, and actualization is intimately interconnected.

  • A business (this one!) can be a model for new social and economic order. (Jennifer Armbrust - Sister)

  • In collective human potential, even on the days when it could be easy to lose hope.

  • In naming, discussing and taking personal responsibility for tackling systematic oppression.

  • It isn’t the job of those being targeted by oppressive systems and discrimination to -

  • Instigate and carry the emotional burden of this dialogue.  

  • Dismantle the systems that were built by and continue to be upheld by others to harm them.

  • Grant forgiveness or absolution for the guilt, shame or grief of others for their role in upholding these oppressive systems.

  • "In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be Anti-racist" - Angela Davis. Additionally we must be Anti - sexist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic - and against any and all systemic forms of oppression. By doing nothing to dismantle these systems we are actively supporting and upholding them.


  • The change-agents, seekers, and dreamers who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo to create a better world.  

  • Those that want to do and be better for themselves and their communities.

  • Those that are committed to the uncomfortable work of identifying how they contribute to systemic discrimination and are taking action aligned with their learning on a regular basis.​


  • THE MAINSTAY + THE MINI will be offered at a sliding scale pricing model (The Collective Pricing Scale) to ensure accessibility to a range of income levels. 

  • Annually, I will offer 3 full scholarships for THE MAINSTAY dedicated to Black, Indigenous, Trans + Nonbinary clients in any income bracket. 

  • I will only collaborate with other businesses, organizations and teams that are committed to naming and breaking down systems of oppression, including but not limited to podcast hosts, hosts of digital seminars, panels, online educators and experts as well as any organizations that I facilitate for.

  • I will continue to Decolonize all of my research and development including specifically seeking out publications and scholarly articles from BIPOC including getting to the source of any personal development model/framework and amplifying the ancestral knowledge, wisdom and contributions that has been appropriated by white wellness.

  • Every dollar spent within my business will be directed towards companies that are aligned with my beliefs and are taking committed action towards change. (Including but not limited to software subscriptions, educational courses + masterminds, client gifts, coaches or consultants)

  • Exclusively learning new client care methods from experts who are BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA2S+ including but not limited to an emphasis on trauma-informed care.

  • Continue to invest time, money and resources into my own personal learning and unlearning through ongoing education and emotional processing on a regular basis.



  • I will not only speak up and out against injustice but I commit to open conflict in any and all conversations. If and when I cause harm I will apologize without question or defence, listen to understand, and change my actions.