training & facilitation

I offer bespoke training and workshop facilitation to teams, organizations and fellow entrepreneurs on topics around -


Impactful goal setting

Clarifying and aligning with our values as an individual, and within a team

Tackling self-doubt + stepping into confidence

Year-end review - wins, losses and the year ahead

Watch your group step out of their comfort zone and into intentional action.

Britt’s training was so impactful for my virtual assistant students. I invited Britt to chat with us because I knew one of the major factors that was limiting the success of my students was confidence. Britt put together a very thorough and warm presentation on our “inner critic”. 


She helped my students recognize their own inner voices that are preventing them from being excellent! Immediately following the training, several students posted in our group Slack channel that they took action that scared them and hadn’t been able to do before because their inner critics were telling them not to. 


Britt gave them the courage to step out of their comfort zones and take action to chase their dreams. So inspiring!! I would definitely recommend Britt to help work through any mindset challenges for women entrepreneurs. 


Lindsay Page - Virtual Assistant coach


"I cannot recommend your corporate workshop and goal setting series enough ... "


Britt took our tight-knit team of eight on a journey of personal and professional goal setting, personal value discovery and an intense, vulnerable and rewarding one on one co-worker appreciation session. Her professionalism, curiosity and encouragement guided us through this process in an organic and comfortable way. Our team left this session with a better understanding of ourselves, our team and how we will move forward into 2020 as confident leaders.


Thank you, Britt, for your time, humour and support. I cannot recommend your corporate workshop and goal setting series enough, as I believe developing these soft and hard skills are pivotal in creating high-functioning teams and a rewarding workplace. We look forward to working with you again next year to reflect on our progress!



Parks, Recreation & Culture Division




In most fast-paced, high stakes environments it's rare that we are given the opportunity to reconnect to the good stuff and really SEE, HEAR AND UNDERSTAND those who we spend most of our waking hours.


Group Coaching around a specific challenge can shed light on a solution, generate a new perspective and allow you to connect on a deeper level as a group - guaranteed good vibes!


Topics for group coaching include but are not limited to:


  • Quarterly reviews - wins, losses and a path forward

  • Navigating shifts + changes in your industry

  • Identifying how to tackle a big project

  • Oh… or how to weather a global pandemic….

“We stepped away from our fast-paced norm and connected with each other on a personal and emotional level.”

Britt hosted a series of intimate group discussions for our Live Nation + Ticketmaster Canadian teams to help navigate the challenges and uncertainty that our industry faces during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Her unique perspective as both a coach and music industry alumni had a powerful impression on our team as she created the space for them to open up about their experiences and share candidly with each other. Many of those who participated have said what a relief it was to hear their colleagues share the same fear, uncertainty and struggle that they themselves were facing during these uncertain times. 


I cannot recommend Britt’s group coaching enough as it allowed us to step away from our fast-paced norm, and connect with each other on a personal and emotional level.

We look forward to having Britt back in the future. 



WE NATION - Women In Entertainment Employee Resource Group


I truly believe that we need to see and hear what others have created for themselves in order to believe what’s possible in our own lives. 


Telling our stories inspires others to step into their greatness and create the impact they were meant to create in this world.


Themes + topics of discussion:

  • Surviving burnout

  • Changing careers (even when you have ‘success’)

  • The importance of living our values + what happens when we don’t

  • Leveraging depression + anxiety to make change

  • The democratization of coaching

  • Trusting your inner brilliance and finding your truth