"Working with Britt has been game changing!...


Prior to diving into our life coaching journey together, I felt myself being pulled in many directions, with no specific focus as to where I wanted to take my career or where I saw myself in 5, not to mention 10 years. Britt has provided me with the tools to identify my core driving values and has supported aligning my career focus with those values, which has led to an exciting new title and career trajectory.


Britt consistently provides guidance, but always identifies that we already know the answers to many questions we may have, we just need coaching to help the answers come to light. I cannot recommend Britt enough for anyone looking for help and support along their journey."

G.O - Vancouver, BC

Britt will help you uncover what you want, help you create the roadmap to getting there, and she's a supportive coach who holds space for you. She'll ask you tough questions that are absolutely needed to help you breakthrough. She's a great champion to have in your corner."

S.C - Vancouver, BC

"I’m so grateful to work with Britt! She has an aura that’s so comfortable to engage with and what’s more important—she listens and connects themes within myself that I don’t even notice. Britt was able to help me identify my core values which fully resonate with me. I would definitely recommend Britt’s coaching to anyone I know because she’s so authentic, wants the best for you, and really helps you listen to your intuition. Her approach is well-rounded and simplistic and I truly believe anyone can benefit from her sessions"

N.D - Surrey, BC

"My first session with Britt was full of kindness and revelation. She is an insightful and compassionate coach who brought positivity, energy, and creativity to my feelings of dissatisfaction, stagnation, and exhaustion. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked the session, but Britt quickly put me at ease and got me to think excitedly and productively about parts of my life that I’ve never given time to before. I look forward to our continued work together."

M.E - Winnipeg, MB

"Working with Britt was my first foray into life coaching and tackling the general chaos that is my life as a working artist. Balancing two part time jobs and a full time music career for years had left me feeling burnt out.  Britt's phenomenal force of insight, focus and enthusiasm had me leaving my foundational session with manageable tasks to get my energy back in line in order to assess my next steps."

J.G - Vancouver, BC

"Britt has the coveted combination of a no BS, direct approach while also being incredibly encouraging, warm, and understanding. She makes you feel comfortable and open, and asks the right questions to guide you to that "a-ha!" moment of clarity, without directing or suggesting anything aside from your own ideas. If you're looking for helping filtering through the rattling thoughts in your brain and want to really hone in on what it is that inspires you and makes you thrive, Britt is a great resource and supportive coach to get you to where you feel best!"

A.Y - Vancouver, BC

"When I decided to start working with Britt, I was struggling with feeling stuck and ready to move on from my professional role, but didn’t know how and when to make the transition, and what to focus on next to propel my goals forward.

Working with Britt as a life coach was my first time investing in myself, but after our first session, I knew it was one of the best investments I had ever made. She is an excellent sounding board that helped me forge a clear and concise path to the decisions I knew I had to make, and she helped me do so with courage and confidence.

Britt's ability to ask those tough questions and then intuitively read the inflection in your voice and help you mentally "clean house" of the noise and roadblocks is a skill that makes her coaching sessions invaluable.

During my time with Britt as my coach, I was able to leave a position that was no longer serving my highest self, and through trial and error, I finally landed on my dream job that perfectly aligned with my goals and values. Without investing in myself via coaching with Britt I don't think I would have been able to reach my career goals and feel the mental clarity I do now."

R.S - Winnipeg, MB

"My sessions with Britt have been an invaluable resource throughout the highs and lows of running a small business...


She's helped me gain clarity on what my core values are and identify how to build my life around them. I especially appreciate her candid approach- she's not afraid of asking tough questions when I need them while simultaneously holding space for me to connect to my intuition for more ease in my decision making. Working with Britt has led to me being more confident, values driven, and aware of my capabilities in both my business and personal life. I would 100% recommend working with her if you're looking for the same."

N.B - Winnipeg, MB

"Britt’s training was so impactful for my virtual assistant students...


I invited Britt to chat with us because I knew one of the major factors that was limiting the success of my students was confidence. Britt put together a very thorough and warm presentation on our “inner critic”. 


She helped my students recognize their own inner voices that are preventing them from being excellent! Immediately following the training, several students posted in our group Slack channel that they took action that scared them and hadn’t been able to do before because their inner critics were telling them not to. 


Britt gave them the courage to step out of their comfort zones and take action to chase their dreams. So inspiring!! I would definitely recommend Britt to help work through any mindset challenges for women entrepreneurs."

L.P - Kelowna, BC

"I cannot recommend your corporate workshop and goal setting series enough ... "


Britt took our tight-knit team of eight on a journey of personal and professional goal setting, personal value discovery and an intense, vulnerable and rewarding one on one co-worker appreciation session. Her professionalism, curiosity and encouragement guided us through this process in an organic and comfortable way. Our team left this session with a better understanding of ourselves, our team and how we will move forward into 2020 as confident leaders.


Thank you, Britt, for your time, humour and support. I cannot recommend your corporate workshop and goal setting series enough, as I believe developing these soft and hard skills are pivotal in creating high-functioning teams and a rewarding workplace. We look forward to working with you again next year to reflect on our progress!

City of Surrey - Parks, Recreation & Culture Division - Surrey, BC

"Britt was a no-nonsense, open and inviting spark of joy that put any skepticism that I might have had about a life coach to rest. Her kind, straightforward attitude made it easy to open up to discuss any and all thoughts and feelings, which she approached with thoughtful, insightful curiosity. Britt’s guidance helped me to articulate my values  during a time of transition in my life. What I most appreciated about Britt is her compassion for you to be gentle with yourself. I truly loved working with Britt and I am looking forward to our next session!"

T.C - Edmonton, AB

"Britt is a natural coach. She listens with both her mind and her heart, and genuinely made me feel seen & heard....


Our two hour session flew by because I felt so comfortable sharing with her, as well as challenged by her to dig deep to get the most out of our time. I was able to take away tangible actions from our session to apply right away!"

S.R - Vancouver, BC

"Britt has a gift. She's doing what she was put here on earth to do. She has incredible capacity, optimism and strength."

O.K - Vancouver, BC