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Britt Penn smiling at camera

Coaching and facilitation to merge your intention and impact for greater results

Leadership is not a title, it’s the impact you have on others

Britt Penn smiling at Camera
Partnering with individuals across the globe 

Impacting diverse industries and organizations 

Britt Penn leaning on one hand and smiling at camera
Certified Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Taking the work seriously, not ourselves

Britt Penn (she/her) is dedicated to empowering impact-driven leaders and teams so they can effectively navigate a rapidly changing world. With a former career in the music industry, she brings a unique perspective to her approach, fostering growth and positive change across diverse sectors.

Co-Active© Professional Coach Training Program

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  

Mental Fitness Coach

Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner  

Five Behaviors® Authorized Partner

Experience the credibility and knowledge of trusted qualifications

Education and certifications

Britt Penn leaning on one hand and smiling at camera
It all starts with a conversation

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect.

Curated services for individuals and teams 

Your trusted partner, because we're not meant to go it alone

Executive and leadership coaching for growth-minded individuals who want to take their career and organization to the next level.

All relationships take work. Build skills and behaviors for greater team synergy collaboration and impact. 

Leveraging credible tools and assessments for greater insight into personal and team development.

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