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Certified Leadership Coach and Facilitator 

Empowering you to achieve your goals and reach your potential

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Meet your coach

Taking the work seriously, not ourselves

Britt Penn (she/her) is a Vancouver-based Certified Executive Coach and facilitator, dedicated to empowering impact-driven leaders on their journey toward greater success and fulfillment. With a clientele spanning diverse industries such as entertainment, technology, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, Britt partners with individuals and teams who share a deep commitment to fostering social impact and shaping a better world for all.

Prior to her career transition into leadership development, Britt spent nearly a decade in the music industry where she played a pivotal role in executing hundreds of concerts, music festivals, and corporate events featuring some of the world's top artists. This immersive experience within a high-stakes, dynamic corporate environment greatly informs her coaching approach today.

In her role as coach and facilitator, Britt is committed to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and drive positive change in their lives and organizations. With a unique blend of professional expertise and a personable touch, she is your trusted partner on the path to achieving leadership excellence.

Guiding principles

A human-focused approach that centres our collective wellbeing 

  • Empowering established and emerging leaders to courageously know themselves and to leverage their strengths and values to create the change we need in our world.

  • A world of courageous, emotionally connected and skillful leaders who prioritize our collective wellbeing. 

  • Fun: Personal and professional development doesn’t need to be dry. Let’s make it meaningful and have some laughs along the way!


    Connection: We are deeply connected to each other and this planet. Our collective liberation and actualization is intimately interconnected. 


    Curiosity: The more you know, the more you understand you don’t know. Being growth minded and curious always leads to better results. 


    Potential: Our individual and collective potential is limitless. Let’s challenge the status quo.

Professional Coach Training Program

An established worldwide leader in professional coach training offering experiential and transformative learning based on the Co-Active Model

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

The Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) through the International Coach Federation post graduate certificate builds skills, knowledge and practical tools to effectively coach individuals and organizations towards superior performance.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Verified experience, training and educational requirements alongside the proficient application of professional ethics and code of conduct.

Mental Fitness Coach

Trained on research based tools to empower wellness, performance and healthy relationships by laying down new neural pathways that form lasting positive habits.

Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner  

Certified practitioner and authorized partner for Agile EQ, Management, Workplace and Productive Conflict workshops and assessments.

Five Behaviors® Authorized Partner

Certified practitioner and authorized partner for the model based on Patrick Lencioni’s book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Experience the credibility and knowledge of trusted qualifications

Education and certifications

It all starts with a conversation

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect.

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