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One-on-one coaching

Because your partner, roommate, or bestie is probably tired of listening to you talk about work

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We know we can't go it alone. That’s why we lean on our friends, family, mentors, peers or bosses when we need support at work. 


But what if:

  • It’s not appropriate to riff with your peer on the strategy for your next promotion

  • Your boss avoids supporting your development like the plague  

  • Your friends still don’t really know what you do for work

  • The career advice from your mentor sounds more applicable in 1998 than in 2024

The truth is that our working world is changing so rapidly and demands so much of us that clickbaity listicals, social media gurus, and oversimplified advice is often an insult to the real nuance of our day-to-day experience as working professionals. 

Personalized one-to-one coaching cuts through the noise as an objective, confidential and dedicated space for you to foster greater self-awareness, leadership capacity and overall wellbeing at work. 

Curious to know how one-on-one support might elevate your impact? 

Customized and structured support for a development path that's built for you

  • Not sure where to begin?


    Common areas of focus for a coaching engagement can include: 

    • Transitioning to a new role

    • Being a more authentic and effective leader 

    • Managing stress and burnout

    • Tackling limiting beliefs that are blocking your trajectory

    • Communicating more effectively for greater relationships and business results 

    • Transitioning from individual contributor to people leader

    • Increasing meaning and fulfillment at work

    • Improving self-awareness and emotional regulation

  • Coaching engagements are not a one size fits all approach.


    We’ll design a plan that may include:

    • Trusted and credible assessments for greater self-awareness  

    • Alignment session with your manager 

    • Interview-based 360 assessment and debrief

    • Unlimited vs. fixed number of sessions

    • 3 month, 6 month or 12 month commitment of one-to-one coaching support 

What to expect

A process and structure that supports your development

Kick Off

  • Connection call to determine fit 

  • Engagement prep including prework, contracting and payment schedule confirmation 

  • Kick off discovery session to align on measures of success  


  • Dedicated session to review progress and calibrate goals and intentions for remaining engagement

Wrap Up

  • Dedicated session to celebrate progress and design a development sustainment plan


  • Dedicated and confidential coaching sessions  

  • Customized support through assessments, resources or 360 review

It all starts with a conversation

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect.

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